Complete tourism destination planning, payment, and transportation arrangements for individuals or groups can be arranged through our Resort manager who is fluent in English and Spanish.   Payment for tours and services is usually possible by credit card for most activities and services, but occasionally payment needs to be made in US dollars or Costa Rican colones.  The nearest ATM and bank is in the town of Orotina which is approximately 5 minutes walking distance.

Aerial Tram Tours Through  Cloud and Rain Forests

tours orotina 04 tours orotina 04a



Pacific Waterfalls Tour

tours orotina 05 tours orotina 05a


Tropical Canopy Jungle Tour

tours orotina 09 tours orotina 09a


Carara Biological Reserve Tour

tours orotina 07 tours orotina 07a


Coffee Plantation Tour

tours orotina 13 tours orotina 13a


Horseback Riding Tour

tours orotina 12 tours orotina 12a


Jungle Crocodile Tour

tours orotina 02 tours orotina 02a


Manuel Antonio National Park

tours orotina 11 



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