( COPRACO means Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage De Orotina )

About our organization

We currently have 65 members, all residents of the county. In January this year  we have started the registration process to establish ourselves to be the first cultural development association of Orotina.

Although we have complete autonomy through a collaboration agreement, we found ourselves inserted in the cultural hub of the development association of Orotina and collaborating with this organization on various projects of undoubted cultural interest.

Our mission and vision


We want to strengthen the identity of the people of Orotina by preserving their experiences of the past and present, generating a strong cultural heritage for future generations to come,so they can successfully face the challenges of modern society, without forgetting their roots.

We want to see an active community, which integrates its historic legacy with its cultural initiatives to create opportunities that also support responsible and sustainable tourism and where our natural beauty and historical sites of the region are its main attractive sites.


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