Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park (means “Bright Moon River” in the Huetar dialect) is a theme park aimed at adventure, ecological tourism and Costarican traditions. It opened on April 15th, 2003 and currently covers 538 acres of land, of which, 247 acres consist of the tropical garden. Beautiful scenery surrounds it. The park is bordered by Grande de Tarcoles river on the northeast, Turrubares hills and Carrara National Park to the southeast.


Turu Ba RI's pristine setting is the perfect place for visitors to learn about Costa Rica´s natural history, discover our ancestor´s lifestyle, have a true adventure experience or just enjoy some remarkable scenery.


For more than 15 years, this property was used to raise dual ­ purpose cattle (mainly for meat) and for agriculture (mangos, papaya, oranges, sugar cane and corn). In 1997, a decision was made to change this focus and instead develop a sustainable tourism project which would help preserve our planet and bring socioeconomic benefits to low-income community.


The project began with a massive reforestation effort that included planting over 45,000 trees, generating flowers and fruits that attracted birds, pollinators and many others animals. It´s worth mentioning during the reforestation process, the species of trees found here, were not introduced into the forest. Rather, they were reincorporated into their natural habitat by selecting species that lived in the two patches of existing foresting the park. This, together with various botanical collections and the huge amount of ornamental plants spread out throughout the grounds; give a grand total of more than 70,000 plants that today comprise Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park.


Our activities are

Nature Trails

Walk with a naturalist guide around 3 km of trails, animal breeding, Botanical Collections, Gardens, Costa Rican's Country side farm, etc., amidst over 100 acres of lush forest. With a duration of 2.5 hours this tour is suitable for children over 6 year old.


Sensational cable
Measuring 1Km long and with a maximum height of 315 feet, guests will reach a top speed of 55 miles per hour. The trip lasts an average of one minute.
It´s like Superman-style run where you´re flying.


Zip line tour
Canopy Tour: (zip line tour) the Turu Ba Ri's canopy spread out over 8 cables, 11 platforms and 02 towers. You will have the opportunity to walk along two hanging bridges and several trails in the mountain. For your convenience, our guides are constantly trained in this type of adventure.
The visitor don´t need have knowledge about it, additionally, the canopy´s structure has a special kind of braking system which allow our guides brake for you.


Horseback riding
Measuring 8,335 feet and lasting between 45 minutes to 01 hour, this is a great alternative for those who like unite ecology and adventure. During this trip, our guides will give an explanation about flora and fauna that can be observed. Our horses are trained to offer the safety, peace of mind and comfort that our guests deserve.